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The Supremacy moment of 40-Year-Old Serena Williams



Inspiredlovers Screenshot_20210927-042520 The Supremacy moment of 40-Year-Old Serena Williams Sports Tennis

The Supremacy moment of 40-Year-Old Serena Williams


Serena has accomplished so much in the game. Her legacy will remain forever. She held the top spot in rankings for a considerable amount of time.


She’s the oldest player to hold World’s No. 1 ranking.

At the age of 35 years, Williams showcased some of the most brilliant tennis players in her career. In doing so, she earned back the top spot in rankings at quite an unusual age.


With so many interesting statistics to her name, the uniqueness of Serena Williams has helped her win a mammoth 73 WTA titles.

Not many people are aware of the fact Williams would play doubles too. She partnered with her sister in many events. Overall, she has been a part of 23 WTA doubles titles.

The Supremacy moment of 40-Year-Old Serena Williams

Serena has been on the Tour for a very long time. She has been part of several many Olympic events, In her career so far, she has won four Olympic Gold medals, comprising of singles and doubles.

With a high amount of success, the amount of money earned by Williams will surely be high. She happens to be the only female player to come close to $100 million in prize money.

Over the years, Williams has been a role model for one and all. Her presence has been felt across all societies and she has been an ambassador for UNICEF and played a key role in helping the lesser privileged ones.

Inspiredlovers AddText_07-21-05.22.18 The Supremacy moment of 40-Year-Old Serena Williams Sports Tennis

At the 1999 US Open, Serena did something not many people could’ve done, won the title at the age of just 17 years.

The American legend has been a constant force in tennis. Her dominance has exceeded beyond the tennis courts. She has made a staggering amount of money in a season, $12 million.

Inspiredlovers Screenshot_20210817-065526 The Supremacy moment of 40-Year-Old Serena Williams Sports Tennis

During the 2012 season, the Olympic Games were conducted in London. Having said that, the event was carried out on the grass courts of the All England Club. Williams won the gold without losing a set.

Over the years, Serena and Venus have dominated the tennis scenes. They have taken part in multiple events. However, not many know that the two have played doubles together successfully.

Many great players have established themselves over the years. However, Williams has continued her dominance till the twilight of her career.

Inspiredlovers AddText_07-25-05.17.24 The Supremacy moment of 40-Year-Old Serena Williams Sports Tennis

Not many sporting personalities in females make it to the Forbes list. Especially in tennis, there are very few athletes who come close. Serena is one of them.

TIME is one of the most reputed magazines in North America. In recent times, Serena has been a real key figure in influencing girls to pick up their racquets and fly past them.

Laureus is one of the most prestigious awards in the sporting community. Over the years, Williams has received this award due to her splendid performances.

When Serena won the clay-court Grand Slam event, she not just won an honor, but also managed to complete winning all four Grand Slam events.

Inspiredlovers images-78 The Supremacy moment of 40-Year-Old Serena Williams Sports Tennis

Not many people are as unique as Serena. When she was a couple of months pregnant, she continued to play the event. Serena eventually won the Open.

There are many other things we didn’t talk about her. Serena Williams is all times best or what do you think?


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Chase Elliott and Team Announced First Big Change Ahead of 2024 Season



Inspiredlovers Chase-Elliott-Silences-Reporter-For-References-His-Daddy-Bill-Elliott-That-He-Doesnt-Follow-The Chase Elliott and Team Announced First Big Change Ahead of 2024 Season Boxing Sports  NASCAR News Chase Elliott

Chase Elliott and Team Announced First Big Change Ahead of 2024 Season


Revamping the Road to Victory: Chase Elliott’s Strategic Moves for the 2024 NASCAR Season


Chase Elliott, a prominent figure in the NASCAR Cup Series, faced a challenging 2023 season marked by setbacks and unexpected turns. As the dust settles on the tumultuous year, Elliott and his team are gearing up for a triumphant return in 2024. In a surprising turn of events, a pivotal change has already taken place, setting the stage for what could be a transformative year for the No. 9 team.

The Departure of Eddie D’Hondt: End of an Era
Eddie D’Hondt, the seasoned spotter who had been an integral part of Elliott’s journey since his full-time Cup Series debut in 2016, bid farewell to the No. 9 team on December 2. D’Hondt’s departure follows a remarkable 12-year collaboration that witnessed 26 wins and the 2020 championship. The announcement, made via social media, resonated across the NASCAR community, marking the end of an era for the long-standing partnership.


Chase Elliott and Team Announced First Big Change Ahead of 2024 Season

A Look Back at Elliott and D’Hondt’s Journey
When Chase Elliott stepped into the No. 24 car in 2016, he inherited not only Jeff Gordon’s championship legacy but also a seasoned team, including crew chief Alan Gustafson and spotter Eddie D’Hondt. Over eight seasons with the No. 24 and later the No. 9 team, the crew accumulated an impressive record – 18 wins, 93 top-5 finishes, 152 top-10 finishes, and the coveted 2020 championship.

D’Hondt, a constant presence in Elliott’s ear during each lap, played a crucial role in guiding the driver through challenges, offering support during lows and providing a voice of reason in intense on-track moments.

Eddie D’Hondt’s Exit: What Lies Ahead?
What sets D’Hondt’s departure apart is his anticipation for the future. Unlike retirement, his farewell message expressed excitement for what comes next. This hints at a potential continuation of his career in NASCAR, albeit not with Hendrick Motorsports (HMS). While some fans see this as a positive move for the No. 9 team, others are vocal about an even more significant change – the replacement of crew chief Alan Gustafson.

Alan Gustafson’s Role in the 2023 Season
The 2023 season was undeniably challenging for Alan Gustafson, with Elliott missing multiple races due to a snowboarding injury and a suspension. Despite these hurdles, Gustafson faced criticism for strategic missteps, including a notable error at the Watkins Glen race, where Elliott ran out of fuel in the final stage due to a pit box miscalculation.

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Throughout the season, instances arose where Elliott and Gustafson appeared to be out of sync. A notable incident at the New Hampshire race highlighted the driver’s frustration with the car’s performance, as captured in the Radioactive segment of NASCAR Race Hub.

Looking Ahead to 2024: Winds of Change?
As the awards season concludes, attention turns to the upcoming changes for the 2024 season. With one confirmed alteration in the No. 9 team, speculation arises about potential additional shifts. The departure of D’Hondt marks the beginning of a new chapter for Elliott and his team, raising questions about the team’s strategic direction for the upcoming season.

In conclusion, Chase Elliott’s journey through the 2023 season, marked by challenges and unexpected turns, sets the stage for a compelling narrative in 2024. The departure of longtime collaborator Eddie D’Hondt signals change, leaving fans eager to see the strategic decisions that will shape the team’s path to victory in the upcoming NASCAR season.


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Dale Earnhardt Jr makes Shocking announcement on Friday



Inspiredlovers 400-Million-Worth-Dale-Earnhardt-Jr-Lets-Slip-His-Big-Mistake-While-Unearthing-His-Sister-did-to-Him Dale Earnhardt Jr makes Shocking announcement on Friday Boxing Sports  NASCAR News Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr makes Shocking announcement on Friday


Reviving Nostalgia: Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Journey Through Time Behind the Wheel


Unearthing Racing Glory: Dale Jr’s Discovery in Kenny Allison’s Garage

In the fast-paced world of NASCAR, where Dale Earnhardt Jr. wears many hats as a team owner, series owner, and mentor, the beating heart of this racing legend still yearns for the days when he ruled the track. Recently, on Twitter, Dale Jr. took a trip down memory lane, sharing a nostalgic moment that resonated with fans and racing enthusiasts alike.


A Glimpse Into the Past: Dale Jr’s Racing Roots

At the tender age of 17, Dale Earnhardt Jr. embarked on his racing journey behind the wheel of a legendary car – a 1937 Ford lookalike paying homage to his grandfather, Ralph Earnhardt. Cloaked in white with a bold red or black number eight, this early racer, sponsored modestly by Boulevard Gulf, was the brainchild of Hank Jones. Jones, an ally of Dale Sr. and the visionary behind Sports Image, played a crucial role in shaping the early chapters of Dale Jr.’s racing saga.

Dale Earnhardt Jr makes Shocking announcement on FridayDal

Fast forward to the present, and Dale Jr. found himself immersed in nostalgia within Kenny Allison’s (Donnie’s son) garage. Hidden away like a treasure was his original Legends car, the very vehicle that propelled him to victory in 1990. Taking to Twitter, Dale Jr. shared, “I just left a storage shed that was an old gas station. It’s owned by Kenny Allison, Donnie’s son. Inside is my original Legends car that I drove and won within 1990. 🤯After I was done with it back then, Dad sold it to John Ray in Alabama for his son Kevin to race.”

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Dale Jr.’s Sentimental Reunion

Adding a personal touch, Dale Jr. reflected on the unique features of the car, stating, “I’m 100% sure it’s the car because I welded a gusset on the LR shock mount that is still there today. I can’t believe this thing still exists.” This unexpected reunion with his racing companion sparked a series of tweets, with Dale Jr. expressing his disbelief, “I ain’t seen this car in 33 years.”


READ MORE: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Draws a Hard Line of Tolerance in Venture Co-owned With Kevin Harvick

The trip down memory lane also brought to light Dale Jr.’s win in 1992, a moment that earned him a $300 prize. Dale Earnhardt Sr., watching proudly from the pits, couldn’t help but compare his son’s prowess to that of Ralph Earnhardt, stating, “He was awesome.” Yet, Dale Sr. emphasized the importance of balancing racing aspirations with educational commitments, setting the stage for Dale Jr.’s future decisions.

From Legends to Late-Models: Dale Jr.’s Evolution as a Racer

By 1993, Dale Jr. had graduated to late-model racing, marking a significant milestone in his career. On his 40th birthday, Charlotte Motor Speedway paid tribute to this racing icon by honoring him with a legendary car, mirroring his first. Despite accumulating 26 Cup wins, Dale Jr.’s earliest taste of triumph came in the legends’ realm, shaping the foundation of his illustrious career.

As the week unfolded, it seemed to be a treasure trove of Dale Jr.’s yesteryears. An old racing video, another piece of his racing tale, unexpectedly surfaced online, further immortalizing the legacy of this NASCAR icon. The journey through time behind the wheel continues, and fans eagerly anticipate what other gems may resurface from Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s storied racing past.


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Trade Secrets: Why now is the time to trade for Ja Morant



Inspiredlovers i-2 Trade Secrets: Why now is the time to trade for Ja Morant NBA Sports

Trade Secrets: Why now is the time to trade for Ja Morant


Ja Morant is a former Rookie of the Year, a Most Improved Player and a two-time All-Star. When at his best, he’s proven to be one of the top players in the NBA, a potential MVP candidate and a rising star who can carry not only the Memphis Grizzlies but also fantasy teams.


And right now, as he serves his 25-game suspension due to multiple gun-related incidents, he’s a bit of an afterthought.

He is eligible to return as soon as the road game against New Orleans on Dec. 19, which is less than four weeks out, and that’s worth paying close attention to in your fantasy league.


Why, you might ask?

Because there may never be a better time to add him to your roster than now.

Fantasy managers with Morant could be eager to deal
The face of the franchise since he was drafted No. 2 overall in 2019 — one pick after Zion Williamson — Morant has averaged 22.4 points per game in his career, the highest of any player in Grizzlies history.

Even with fantasy managers knowing Morant’s tremendous on-court abilities, the star point guard still fell in virtually all fantasy drafts this season. He wasn’t drafted until after pick No. 60 in most leagues and fell even further, past pick 70 or 80, in plenty of other leagues.

It’s easy to understand the hesitation from many fantasy managers.

Taking a player like Morant, knowing he’d miss essentially a third of the fantasy basketball calendar, was one thing. As a suspended player, though, Morant also couldn’t be stashed in an IR slot, so drafting him meant essentially giving up a bench spot until late December — a non-starter for many fantasy managers.

Fast-forward to today and many of those who did draft Morant find themselves low in their league standings, trying to figure out a way to turn around their fortunes.

They’ve been patient, and in many cases, they’ve yet to be rewarded. That’s a nice way of saying that the season is rapidly getting away.

Now ask yourself what those fantasy managers might do when they see that trade offer for Morant hit their inbox? Even though they’ve already waited out half of his suspension, certainly the temptation will be there to move on before they’re too far back in the standings.

Yes, there is risk
It’s important to remember that even if you want Morant on your team, there’s no guarantee it works out. In fact, there are several pretty major risks.

First of all, he may be rusty and need some time to acclimate; after all, he hasn’t played in a game since April 28, 2023. Fantasy managers must be comfortable with fluctuating statistical production, at least in the first few weeks he returns to the court, and possibly longer.

Secondly, Morant’s overall availability is a legitimate concern when you consider his injury history. So far, he hasn’t played 70 regular season games in any of his first four NBA seasons.

Lastly, Memphis’ record could also adversely affect Morant’s fantasy value in the second half of the season if the team is not in playoff contention. Since the league expanded its playoffs to 16 teams back in 1984, 65 teams have started the season with an 0-5 record, like the Grizzlies, and only 10 of them reached the playoffs. If the Grizzlies fall deep out of playoff contention, there’s a chance he could miss games or be shut down as the team turns its attention to next season.

Waiting will only raise Morant’s trade value
If you’re willing to take on the risk that comes with trading for Morant, doing so sooner rather than later is the way to go.

The reason is simple.

Every week that passes and Morant is closer to getting back on the court, fantasy managers will become more apt to hold on to him and see what his return does for their team.

If you’re looking to get a deal done here, offering two intriguing mid-tier players who are currently playing well in exchange for Morant — and another month of waiting things out — is the way to go and could be too much to pass up for Morant managers.

The key with all this, again, is to move fast.

Other factors to consider
Without their star, the Grizzlies are unrecognizable, and their 3-10 record puts them near the bottom of the Western Conference standings. Barring a drastic turnaround, things will be even worse by the time Morant steps on the court.

What’s clear is that there’s a massive difference between last season and this one, and not just due to the absence of Morant. Tyus Jones and Dillon Brooks leaving meant some of the Grizzlies’ young talent would have an opportunity to step up, and so far that hasn’t been the case. With Jones gone, Memphis’ backcourt lacks consistency and reliability, and Brooks’ loss has negatively affected the team’s defense.

While Desmond Bane and Jaren Jackson Jr. remain on the Grizzlies’ roster, Marcus Smart was a solid offseason addition but is already sidelined with a foot sprain that is expected to keep him out another 2-4 weeks. The Grizzlies rank 27th in points scored per 100 possessions and have an effective field goal percentage of 50.7%, third lowest in the league.

All this highlights the integral role Morant has in this Grizzlies’ offense, which ranked 11th in points scored per 100 possessions last season. It’s clear they are lost without him, and the injuries to Steven Adams and Brandon Clarke don’t help, either.

Morant’s return can’t come soon enough for Memphis, and he should get off to a fast start. In training camp, he didn’t work with the starters since the Grizzlies needed to prepare them to start the season without him. However, he’s been practicing and traveling with the team during the regular season.

Final thoughts

Morant averaged 26.2 PPG, 8.1 APG, 5.9 RPG and 1.1 SPG in 32.0 MPG last season, playing 61 games, and right now he can be had for a discount in many fantasy leagues. We have him projected to average 26.3 PPG, 7.9 APG, 5.7 RPG and 1.1 SPG this season across 50 games.

He is the epitome of a risk-reward player, and though better suited for points leagues than category formats, he has the potential to provide second round value.

Is that a risk you should take? Really, it comes down to your risk tolerance and the situation your team is in.

Just know this — playing it safe won’t help you win a fantasy basketball championship, and if you want Morant now is the time to get him.


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