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What matter between WANT and NEEDS in partner selection.



Inspiredlovers AddText_10-10-12.04.49 What matter between WANT and NEEDS in partner selection. RELATIONSHIP FACT AND HEALTH TIPS

   What matter between WANT and NEEDS in partner selection.

In a general ways,What matter between WANT and NEEDS in partner selection?.

If we look at it very well, we will see that everybody want to marry or be in relationship with someone that will always give them joy without any form of complain. I will want you to get note of the word Complaining that we used there.


So these are the points that we are going to discuss in details here.

  • What is want
  • What is needs
  • In what ways are these two words relate and interchangeable for one another.
  • How to identify what you really needs in relationship
  • What is complain
  • Conclusion


I’m sure you don’t forget the topic of this content, which is What matter between WANT and NEEDS in partner selection.


According to English dictionary; want is to have strong desire for something.

The idea of want can be examined from different perspective. In a secular societies, want might be considered similar to emotion desire. Want might be examined also in economics as a ingredient in sustaining and perpetuating capitalist that are based on principle like consumerism. Want can be studied in a non-secular,spiritual, moralistic or religious way,according to wikipedia.


So here, we are going to focus on want as emotion desire since our topic is What matter between WANT and NEEDS in partner selection.

When It comes to that,you can easily got attracted by someone and want the person. It might be because of the person’s height,body shape,complexion,principle,behavior,intellectual or actions,which is natural. But this is my question; do you really need that or you just want it?.

You might admired something and felt the urge of having or possessing it, irregardless of the purpose to serve.

Though it is natural to want a particular thing. Like want a girl because of her body shape, or want a guy because of his height. But this is my question, are they necessary for your survival?.

Do you want that height of him for protection or for people compliment?.

What of her body shape,do you need that for people admiration or for cuddle or for your sex life.

It is easy and very simple to want many things but trust me,you can only need few things.

What matter between WANT and NEEDS in partner selection on

So what is NEED

Needs is something that necessary for survival, something that can make your life complete.

When we talk about needs, we talk about something that one can not do without. And even if one manage to do without it,it will always shows in his/her life that something is missing.

So when you have something that you want and can not fill up your place of needs, it always brings complain.

  • In what ways are these two words relate and interchangeable for one another.

In selecting a partner,something have to triggered you before you can make the move. And this can be related to a want because it’s something that will first get your attention. It can create an illusion in your brain and make it look like something that you need.

You can easily want a beautiful person because of her beauty.but that doesn’t mean that you need her, because need is more deep than that.

Need for example..

We all know that everybody need jacket/coat during winter to prevent cold. And you went to market to buy it,on getting there,you saw crew neck T-shirt with extra-ordinary design. so you bought it with the jacket/coat money. Now tell me, can it ever serve the purpose of the jacket/coat and prevent cold?. if your answer is no,then you have waste money,time and energy which can later lead to complain. This same thing happen to want and needs in partner selection.

  • How to identify what you really needs in relationship

This is where most of people do get it wrong because they always view it with General perception. Like I want/need someone who will always give me joy,happiness,care for me etc. Unknown to them that all this is just the result of what they need can produce.

If we can take our time to examine our life very well, we will see that there is somethings that we lack.

For example…..


You can never be Sharp and be sluggish at the same time. And if you are Sluggish type, you need someone that will be hasting you to do things before it get out of hand. However, if sluggish type go for sluggish type, there will be problem and for two sharp people also, if care is not taken.


Imagine someone that have loosed mouth go for someone with loosed mouth. Though they will always enjoying their company as want, but they won’t be able to attend to some serious/necessary issue. Due to the fact that they’ve invested their time in gossiping and discussing unnecessary matter.


It’s good to be a dreamer but it’s better to be a dream achiever. Dream is just the end product(inform of picture) of an action. You can be a dreamer and not dream chaser,that is, you dream but don’t know how to act to actualize the dream. In a case like this, the dream chaser is what you need because he/she will push you to act towards your dream.


What do you thing will happen if two hot temper married each other. So to avoid trouble and calamity, and to promote peace and happiness it adviceable for hot temper to look for gentle person. And in situation where two gentle persons come together,you will hardly find quarrel/fight there.


There is nothing that can be done successfully in this life without prayer. As we all know that less prayer life is common among African men. Its better to go for prayer warrior woman because that is the place of needs for such person.

It’s when you are in a relationship with someone that filled up your place of need and make you a complete person that you will know that the person is caring,protective,joy giver and companion. As the Bible says that the guy and lady will leave their parent to become one. This word ONE means complete as a family. Don’t forget that in the book of Genesis chap 2 vs 23 “And Adam said. This is the bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called woman because she was taking out of me.

Since it’s not everything that we can change about our partner, there are something that we all have to carry as a Cross. This is because perfection is not in us but in God. All those thing that you lack and need was taken away and implanted in another person for you to choose as wife. And that thing that you lack and need as a woman was not taken with the rib you were made of. So You have to look for someone that have that to choose as your Husband to avoid future’s troubles and complain.


Complain is what…

Complain is the act of saying or writing that you are unhappy or not satisfied with something or someone.

This actually happened whenever someone failed to live up to a task.


You don,t have to be carried away by what you want but what you need when selecting your partner. After all Needs is something that necessary for survival not Wants.

This is the reason some Christian do complain whenever God give them not the wife/Husband they want but the one they need. Just because they want beauty,Complexion,Body shape etc which is not in what god gave them. Because they don’t need it.


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Thanks for reading.

Inspiredlovers cares


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Inspiredlovers AddText_12-07-10.19.56 IS AGE REALLY MATTER IN RELATIONSHIP. Health Tips and Wellbeing RELATIONSHIP FACT AND HEALTH TIPS  Relationship Fact Love Fact

Is Age Really Matter in Relationship…

Is dating/marry someone that is older, younger or withing  your age category good for you?. And what should be your expectation in any of those categories.This and many more is what we’re going to talk about here, so all you have to do now is to take your time and read till the very last word.

Having good and balanced relationship is what everybody want,and this have got people in considering the different factors that can make them achieve it.

And one of those factors is Age difference. what should be the age difference between two persons that are in romantic relationship/.

So this is the reason you we see some people talk like “Though I love him but it’s just that we are age mate”.

“I truly love her but she is somehow older than I. Or she is somehow younger compared to who I can Date not to talk of marry”.  Some thought/talk like this is what  we are facing as challenges that’s blocking us from going for what we truly want. But Is age really matter in relationship?.


There are so many questions that pop up in the mind of young adult when it’s time for them to choose. May be for dating or for marriage, about what should be the age different between them and their partner.

This age different is what we refers to as age categories.

So we are going to talk about the each category in details, their advantages and disadvantages in such a way that you will be able to draw conclusion if age is really matter in relationship or not.


To many people love is blind, but to me love is not. It’s just that it projects its subjects to overwhelming state where they will close their eyes from reality. That is, what matter to others concerning their relationship won’t matter to them. The bad things people see about their partner or relationship will be pointless to them.


So this is one of the reason that some people can be in relationship with anybody irregardless of the age. As long as they love each other. But to say the fact, do you think age is really matter in relationship?.


Here we are going to talk about three(3) different age categories in relationship which are:

  1. Over age category
  2. Age mate category
  3. Under age category


These are the age categories in relationship, and there is no how you are going to to do it,you must fall under one of it. So what is the benefit you can get in each of them, and what of the bad effect you can also get from it.

How matter or important each one of them is, or may be they are not even important.

Take your time to read it, and be our judge for the prove and evidence we are going to provide here. Is age really matter in relationship?.




  1. Over age category.

This deal with the people that are in a relationship with someone that’s older than them. The age difference here may be varies from 4-5years upward.

Some people are in this kind of age category relationship because of what they believed and needs in relationship.

Most especially ladies, they believed in the level of maturity which comprises both growth and development. The growth here is not just increase in body dimension but pocket and wealth dimensions as well. They believed that be in relationship with someone that’s older will give them the adequate supply and support they need in life, not just in relationship.

In the sense that the person would have grow to a certain level of independence and manage that for a while. Like when the person is in college, they might be in high school. When the person graduated, started working and living and building the independent life. They might be in College and before they graduate this person would have achieve a particular level of growth.

On a development terms, they believe that those that older than them will have higher and better level of intellect to maintain,build and control their relationship and their home. They know that this kind of people have better experience to approach and solve problems that may arise in their relationship, businesses and social at large. They believe that this older people will be more than capable to protect them and their interest. Which is all true but what about its disadvantages because there is nothing good in life without side effect.



Intimidation. Be in relationship with someone that’s older brings about intimidation sometimes.


It makes you see the person as your superior and sometime limit the level at which both of you can communicate, discuss or relate maters.


Difference in Life style. Sometimes you face difference in taste and choice of fashion. Because what he/she used to and like because of age might be different from yours.


Their party system can brings about boredom sometimes, in the sense that he/she may like 80s/90s music. The music they produced when you’ve not been given birth to or when you were still a child, and you may like 20s/21s music. Even the stuff they discuss with their colleague at the party at times may different from what you wish to discuss.


Sexual Life. It will also get to a stage in life where they won’t be able to sexually perform well because of age. And this may brings depression or cheating if your body still want. So is age really matter in relationship with this category?.


This kind of relationship is common among Indiana even their celebrities.


Most people are in this kind of relationship because of what they tend to gain at the end of it.

Some might even filed divorcement paper after gotten it. While some go for it because of the love they have towards their partner.



Age mate category deal with people that are in relationship with their age mate. This common among students that have not known much about relationship.

I said they haven’t known much about relationship because they only fall for what they see not what they need.

And you know what?. First romantic relationship of 95% of us was with our age mate.It just that we always handle it in a childish way, and that’s why it’s only few of us that do make it through 24/25 years of age upward or eventually got married.



This kind of relationship is always full of excitement because there will only be a little different in their area of interest especially at early adult stage of life.


Like go to Cinema,Beach,Club,Golf, Sport center and many stuff like that. Even if they are in church, they will always do what they do best so that their present can be noticed.

Let reason this beyond early adult stage. Dating your mate gives you the confident to talk whenever,wherever and however you wish to talk.

Both of you will picture out the future in a way it would best fit your life. This provide chance for you to start up together. That is, building your life,your home,carrial and everything pertaining to your well being right from beginning.

There is always strong mutual and friendship relationship between the people that involved in this kind of age category relationship.

They will play like a kid, fight like Tom and Jerry. And there is also a high tendency of missing each other whenever they are not together. Because of the way they do and see things together like twins.


Starting together with your partner from nothing to something is a top-notch, because he/she won’t have gut to tell you that where were you when he/she was building up his businesses and wealth. Where were you when he/she was working hard to get up on his feet to become somebody because you were there.

Starting up with your partner can also earn you extra respect. Based on the role you played during the processes and standing by his/her side when he/she was nobody.


And not only that, it also provide opportunity to know little if not all about your partner businesses/company. The policy on which it being runs/build on, and this will give you upper hand to take charge if anything happen. It can also protect you from being cheated because you know how it all started, when changes/evolution evolved.


The love between the two partner that fall under this category use to be strong, due to the freedom of almost everything without intimidation.

So what about its BUT


Disadvantages of Age Mate Category

Lack of Respect : This kind of relationship do lack respect in some cases due to the fact that they see each other on equal part. That is,the woman hardly submissive to the man.

Not giving your spouse respect can lead to quarrel and argument because men need someone that will be listening to them and make them feel they are in charge always.

Every ladies also need to be respected, and don’t forget that respect is reciprocal.


Reckless Act: They actually handle things recklessly due to insufficient or lack of experience.

They handle the situation on what they feel not what they think,read or have seen concerning the situation before.


IMPATIENT:. Although this do happen in every age category but impatient rate is high in Age Mate category. Such that they end up behaving irrationally,and if care is not taken, this can destroy marriage/relationship than any other things.



Under age category deal with people that are in relationship with someone they are older than. With age difference of about 4/5years of age upward.

That is when you are in relationship with someone who below your age group.

This give you tendency to be in control of your home as a man. It also gives you tendency to earn maximum respect as woman,if you’re the older here.

Be in this kind of relationship minimize the rate at which you guys quarrel,because if the younger one behave like young, the older one might use the intelligent of being an older to handle the situations.

It give chance to mix idea to tackle situations because the young one will brings his/her own idea at the level which he/she can reasoning. Likewise the older one.



The disadvantages is the same with the disadvantages we have under Over Age Category.



Though it depend on what everybody is looking for in relationship, but nothing of the advantages that we have in one category that can never be find in other category if there is LOVE.


The maturity is not about age but exposure and level of understanding. It’s your level of exposure and maturity that will determine your level of maturity. If you have exposure,you will have knowledge. And having knowledge gives ability to be in charge and control of what you know.

So that is why you will see someone of younger age be the boss and controlling elder ones.

You will see the young couples home be perfect than those that have be in marriage before them.


Where there is love, there is good things… Love is so powerful to the extent of turning elder person to behave like kids. Love can make someone switch position for others happiness.


Marriage journey is full of uncertainty, so all those disadvantages might be there but they can be minimize with Love,Understanding,Respect,Unity and above all work with God…..


So to us age is not really matter in relationship all what do you think?…..


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Thanks for reading through……

Inspiredlovers love you


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