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Roman Reigns vs The Demon had a confusing ending



Inspiredlovers Screenshot_20210927-045210 Roman Reigns vs The Demon had a confusing ending Wrestling

Roman Reigns vs The Demon had a confusing ending

The match started with a stare down and then picked up pace. First, it was Reigns who dominated the ring, but a point arrived when The Demon was on Reigns’ shoulders, and tried to rip The Tribal Chief’s jaw open.

However, the tables turned after The Tribal Chief finally executed a Samoan Drop on The Demon. To keep his dominance, Reigns left the ring to get a kendo stick. But, The Demon had other plans. He brought three sticks tied together and took down The Tribal Chief.

Next, The Demon wanted to use a table, but Roman Reigns interfered in that setup, and refused the use of any tables. Nevertheless, The Tribal Chief was open to using steel chairs, and he did. He mauled The Demon with the same, but that didn’t last long!


The Tribal Chief tried to pin The Demon twice, but failed.

At one point, Roman Reigns sent The Demon over the barricades, among the WWEaudience. However, before going through them to tackle The Demon, Reigns wore a mask.

Finally came a moment when The Demon overpowered Reigns, and was almost about to pin him when The Usos arrived and pulled him ringside, and attacked him with kicks. They set up a table, but before they could slam Demon through it, The Demon got the best of them.

By this time, The Tribal Chief had recovered and took down The Demon with a brutal spear. All four of them were ringside, and everyone was unsure what would happen next.

What happened next shocked the entire WWE Universe! First, the Demon’s heartbeat was heard, the arena turned red, and he was resurrected. He dominated Reigns and took him to the ring. The Demon climbed the top rope and was about to end The Tribal Chief when THE TOP ROPE SNAPPED!

No one knew how, but it did. While he was trying to figure out how, Roman Reigns executed a spear, and pinned The Demon.

The Tribal Chief’s reign as The Universal Champion continues!

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Amid investigation NFL wants another meeting with….



Inspiredlovers Screenshot_20220520-183503 Amid investigation NFL wants another meeting with.... Sports Wrestling  QB Deshaun Watson NFL News NFL

Amid investigation, NFL wants another meeting with Browns QB Deshaun Watson

NFL officials want to meet with Watson again after interviewing him this week in Houston, according to a report from Cleveland TV station Fox 8, and several of the Browns quarterback’s accusers participated in an interview that is scheduled to air Tuesday night on HBO.

Watson met with the league this week in Houston as it investigates whether he violated its conduct policy.

Amid investigation, NFL wants another meeting with

On Friday, Fox 8 reported Rusty Hardin, Watson’s attorney, said the league wants to meet with Watson again. Hardin did not immediately respond to the Beacon Journal’s request for comment, and NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said, “We will decline comment as the review is active and ongoing.”

Despite Watson being accused by 24 women of sexual misconduct during massage appointments and 22 of those women suing him, the Browns traded for the three-time Pro Bowl selection on March 18 in a historic deal with the Houston Texans. The Browns also gave Watson a five-year contract worth a record-setting $230 million fully guaranteed.

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Several of the women who have accused Watson of sexual misconduct were interviewed for an episode of HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.” According to a news release from the network, the women detailed the alleged abuse they suffered and shared their reactions to Watson’s record-breaking contract with the Browns.

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Super Bowl Winning DB Gives Straightforward Insight Into Ryan Tannehill and Malik Willis’ Mentoring Issues



Inspiredlovers Screenshot_20220519-213400 Super Bowl Winning DB Gives Straightforward Insight Into Ryan Tannehill and Malik Willis’ Mentoring Issues Sports Wrestling  Ryan Tannehill NFL News

Super Bowl Winning DB Gives Straight forward Insight Into Ryan Tannehill & Malik Willis’ Mentoring Issues

The NFL world stood polarized as Ryan Tannehill gave his take on mentoring incoming QB Malik Willis. Reacting to the incident, former New England Patriots star safety Darius Butter made his opinion clear when he made an appearance on the Pat McAfee show.

While talking to the reporters on Tuesday, Ryan Tannehill was being candid for a question asked about Malik Willis. When asked about his thoughts to mentor the new draftee, Tannehill made it clear that it was not his job.

Super Bowl Winning DB Gives Straightforward Insight Into Ryan Tannehill & Malik Willis’ Mentoring Issues

“I don’t think it’s my job to mentor him,”Tannehill said. “But if he learns from me on the way, then that’s a great thing,” he added to his statements.

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In the latest edition of McAfee’s show, Butter reacted to the situation with a firm response.“I don’t have a problem with Ryan’s answer at all. It’s not his job to mentor Malik,” he said in support of the veteran quarterback.

“There’s going to be questions that you have to answer for a young guy, but I feel like mentoring a guy is going above and beyond. It really depends on how you wire what you want to do. You don’t want every guy to mentor you as well. So, I have no problem with that” Butter added to his statements.

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Fans Accuse NASCAR Of Coming Up With Random Stats To Make Bubba Wallace Look…



Inspiredlovers Screenshot_20220518-204917 Fans Accuse NASCAR Of Coming Up With Random Stats To Make Bubba Wallace Look... Sports Wrestling  NASCAR News Bubba Wallace’s Fiancé's Bubba Wallace

Fans Accuse NASCAR Of Coming Up With Random Stats To Make Bubba Wallace Look Good

NASCAR fans did not appreciate NASCAR giving allegedly “obscure, irrelevant,” stats, as one fan, John Muth said, “Ahhhhh, the art of coming up with obscure, irrelevant stats to fit a narrative 

Bubba Wallace might just be the most popular name in NASCAR ever since he started racing with Richard Petty Motorsports. And, he developed a reputation as an activist in the sport, working towards a few changes. However, calling Bubba a “fan-favorite” driver is very far-fetched. Despite that, Wallace has shown some great performance over the years.

Kansas was turning out to be another great race for the driver, especially his team. 23XI got their first win of the season as Kurt Busch drove the #45, embellished with Michael Jordan’s design to the victory lane.

Fans Accuse NASCAR Of Coming Up With Random Stats To Make Bubba Wallace Look Good

Others had a similar take as Jacob Raines said, “Not hating, but when did passing cars become a headline? The only car to pass that matters is the one up front, and he didn’t do that.”

Even Matt Tate seems to agree, “NASCAR , you never talked about anyone else passing the most cars. Why now?? You have to find something about Bubba to talk about.”

In fact, some fans seem to imply that Kurt Busch is not appreciated enough. As Ethan Ehrlicher said, “They have been reporting this forever but it’s been talked about more because I believe it was Kurt Busch that passed a shot ton of cars in one of the first few races. Bubba had a really fast car just got screwed in the pits every time!”

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Gary Anderson seems to be on the same page, “And yet he still finished tenth. Oh, by the way, I don’t know how many cars his teammate passed, but he won. So why is this a story. Some kind of Agenda

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