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Best birthday wishes ever to Oluwaseyi Pennie -Oladokun Festus



Inspiredlovers 2 Best birthday wishes ever to Oluwaseyi Pennie -Oladokun Festus BEAUTY TIPS AND SKIN CARE RELATIONSHIP FACT AND HEALTH TIPS WELCOME PAGE

Best Birthday wishes ever ;A son is a miracle , a wonder, and a revelation that only a father and a mother can understand, and I thank God everyday for His graciousness in sending you to us.

Inspiredlovers 6-225x300 Best birthday wishes ever to Oluwaseyi Pennie -Oladokun Festus BEAUTY TIPS AND SKIN CARE RELATIONSHIP FACT AND HEALTH TIPS WELCOME PAGE

 We were deeply connected before you were even gave birth to. The music of my soul, I believe caused your heart to move to the rhythm of Joy.And when you emerge my son, I saw the abundance of life we would dance together written on your face.


May God Almighty soften the blows of life, reminding you of the strength you hold inside and the power that you will receive when you call upon His name. After all my son, He knew you first.

Inspiredlovers 1-227x300 Best birthday wishes ever to Oluwaseyi Pennie -Oladokun Festus BEAUTY TIPS AND SKIN CARE RELATIONSHIP FACT AND HEALTH TIPS WELCOME PAGE

The forgiveness in your smile makes me forget all my mistakes. Son, you are my shining light.

Even though we used the whole Space here to write about you. We can’t describe in words, what actually you mean to us. We can say that you are world to us. Cos you’ve completed our family and our life. We love you so much Son.

Happy Birthday to you….Oluwaseyi Penie Oladokun.


With Love this wish is sent your way for a very special kind of day.

Happy Birthday To you Oluwaseyi Penie,the son of Oladokun…….From inspiredlovers team.


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Inspiredlovers 4-212x300 Best birthday wishes ever to Oluwaseyi Pennie -Oladokun Festus BEAUTY TIPS AND SKIN CARE RELATIONSHIP FACT AND HEALTH TIPS WELCOME PAGE

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Benjamin

    August 30, 2020 at 6:00 am

    This is wonderful ❤️ love this but guy don’t forget my birthday on Sept 1st ooooo I need something more than this ooo

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The Rules of Intimacy To Follow in Relationship



Inspiredlovers AddText_08-24-09.59.27 The Rules of Intimacy To Follow in Relationship BEAUTY TIPS AND SKIN CARE RELATIONSHIP FACT AND HEALTH TIPS WELCOME PAGE  Relationship Fact love Tips Care

The Rules of Intimacy To Follow in Relationship

Every area of life has rule that is guiding it in one way or the other to bring out the best result or product. And this prompt us to write this content tag The Rule of Intimacy to follow in every Relationship.

I know we do imagine or think when watching all this romantic Korean/Indian drama sometimes. How the couples will live their lives depending on one another as if they were really meant to be.

And when some will talk, they will say it can only happen in movie not real life.

The truth is that, it can happen in real life as well,it’s just depends on how well you understand and follow the principle that guild it.


By following this rules one after the other will yield perfect result that will make your relationship to be in perfect state.


Inspiredlovers images-1-240x300 Best birthday wishes ever to Oluwaseyi Pennie -Oladokun Festus BEAUTY TIPS AND SKIN CARE RELATIONSHIP FACT AND HEALTH TIPS WELCOME PAGE

What are these rules of intimacy in Relationship?.  How can will applied these rules in such a way that it will maintain its balance to prevent side effect?.


Having a peaceful and joyful relationship is like having the world at your feet. Do you know how?.

It always feel good to have someone that is not just ordinary husband or wife but also Companion.

Waking up early with someone that will always try hard to put smile on your face.

That kind of relationship you always dream/Imagine/Pray to have is possible as long as you are ready to follow the Rule of Intimacy in Relationship.


The Rules of Intimacy to Follow in Relationship.

LOVE : The root of all good deed is love,and there is no argument in it at all.You can never be nice or good to someone you don’t love,so that’s why you have to love your Spouse. Make sure you are expressing the love time to time.


TRUST EACH OTHER: Every Relationship that does not build on trust can never last. Trusting your partner always saves you lot of stress which you don’t know. For example whenever He/She is away you won’t imagine unreal thing against him/her. If anybody comes to give you false report,you wont waste your energy in challenge or retaliate. Even if you want to ask about it,it will be in appropriate manner because of the trust you have. And trust me, it saves you from being hypertensive patient and saves you to invest your valuable time into your business. And into your academy as a student.

ALWAYS TRY TO CONTROL AND MAINTAIN YOUR ANGER. : You will always be too forward and due to this you can halter any words when you are angry. Even you can expose all your little and the big secret between you both.

In case you are the type that can’t control your anger. The best thing to do whenever your partner makes you angry is to walk away at that particular moment. If you notice that atmosphere is a little bit cool,then you two can short things out. Make sure two always try not to yell/shout at each other no mater what.

The Rules of Intimacy To Follow in Relationship

The bitter truth is that the world has problem in its every single corner. I won’t deceive you, the problem must come and if it comes, do not procrastinate it. Always look for solution in time to get things back on track. You may not get solution to the problem in time, but at least your partner will see that you are trying your best. And he/she will surely appreciate that.


BE SUPPORTIVE:. No matter how charming you are, you are useless if you are not supportive. No body want to marry or be in a relationship with someone that will charter their dream/ their passion. Be the type that will always ignite your partner passion. Serve as fuel to her dream land. What we are talking about here is not by money alone because I know that’s what most people think. By your world of encouragement,your attitude and show of concern,

DON’T EVER LOOK FOR PERFECTION:. If you are looking for perfection in your partner, trust me what you will be getting is His/Her wrong doing. This is because you will never get satisfied with what soever he/she do. But if you always expect imperfection,you will always get satisfied with his/her doing. Whatsoever he/she doesn’t do well will be overlook or corrected with love and romantic voice. This will even reduce quarrel among you both. Always remember that nobody perfect.



Don’t compete on anything except something like play, such as Best cooker,Dancer,Player,Singer among others. Any competition outside these has nothing to offer than to destroy your relationship. Do not compete over money,material things among others.

Inspiredlovers images-300x215 Best birthday wishes ever to Oluwaseyi Pennie -Oladokun Festus BEAUTY TIPS AND SKIN CARE RELATIONSHIP FACT AND HEALTH TIPS WELCOME PAGE

REASONING AND VISUALIZING GLORIOUS,WONDERFUL AND ROMANTIC FUTURE TOGETHER:. Remember that where you are today is not the full stop of your life. So always picturing out this kind of future together in reasoning,Talking and Action. By doing so you can be carrying each other along.

The Rules of Intimacy To Follow in Relationship

FORGIVE AND FORGET:. Some old adage says forgive but not forget, that’s not in relationship. You have to totally forgive and forget your partner offence because that’s what TRUE LOVE DOES. If you forgive and don’t forget, you may mention it whenever the situation like that occur. It may even be on normal day level, and this can make him/her over think. Always learn how to leave pass behind,move on with present and work with Future.


ADMIRE AND RESPECT:. Make sure you are admiring and respect your partner no matter what. For instance. If a girl dress up little today to impress you and you admire her,expect more tomorrow. That little painting on her face today, see will double it for you the next day. Always respect your partner no matter what, especially in public. Do not against his/her opinion in public except there is no other choice. Do not rebuke or scold him/her in front of third party. And don’t give third party chance between you. Because is 1+1=1, not 1+2 or 1+3. Let your 1+1 be 1+1.


THIS ONE IS STRICTLY FOR THOSE THAT HAVE MARRIED:. do not ever torment, punished,suffer your SPOUSE with sex or to take vengeance.


OUTING/SHOPPING:. If not all the time, make sure you going out together sometimes. It may be for chatting, surveying or any other things. Just make sure that you are having nice time together and always proclaiming your love all the time.


Don’t ever hide your feelings or toy with anybody’s feelings



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